Located in the heart of Redhook, Fatty's Bar & Grill has been lowering standards since 2007. Originally the bar was called Fatboys, which took the spot over from Pour Man's, a gritty local watering hole. Continuing the dive bar feeling and casual family and friends atmosphere, Fatboys built a deck and remodeled the bar itself. In 2013 the owners were forced to change the name of the bar but wanted to keep the relaxed and fun atmosphere, thus: Fatty's Bar & Grill was born. In early 2014 the bar and Taco Hell (located downstairs for quick "walk-thru" taco cravings!) was taken over by 2 of the bartenders. They continued improving on what has because a foundation of Redhook and the late night party scene. Fatty's has also become an awesome place to get a great lunch, with specials every day, or enjoy the best app you around 7 days a week! Now Fatty's proudly has the NFL, MLB, NBA, & NHL packages with 10 TV's and a big screen projector we use for MMA, Championship Boxing and even movie night! Did we mention we have the original Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64 and the Wii? Mariokart, Goldeneye or Mortal Kombat anyone? Also featuring the only free pool table in Redhook, we feel truly fortunate to have such a strong local following we consider friends, mixed with tourists who are sure to remember (possibly) an awesome time in the islands and maybe even make a few new friends of their own. Come use our free wi-fi and grab yourself a free lunch punch card for your next visit. Don't forget to grab a Fatty's T-shirt on your way out to remember the best night you've had in a long time or bring one home for a friend. See you soon!